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The Shed, Ferry Road, Southwold

Kay Collins has secured planning permission this month for the replacement of a locally listed building in the seaside town of Southwold, in conjunction with Keith Hiley Associates on behalf of a private client.

The site lies within the Southwold Conservation Area and the existing locally listed building, although of poor quality, was considered to make an important contribution to the conservation area.  The redevelopment proposals needed to balance the conservation issues relating to the loss of a locally listed building alongside the need to improve flood protection measures.

This has been a protracted process whereby the original proposals were criticised by the Council.  An Inspector took a different view subsequently and disagreed with the Council that the scale, bulk and massing of the proposals were unacceptable.  They did though want to see a lighter approach to the design to reflect its seaside character.  The dismissed appeal clearly set out the parameters and important design considerations for the revised scheme.  The incorporation of architectural detailing reflective of “seaside whimsy” was an important element of the redesigned proposals.   It was great to have an appeal decision encouraging a more quirky approach and one the client and the architect were very happy to embrace.