This notice has been written to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Kevin Scott Consultancy Limited (KSC Ltd) respects any personal data you share with it. This may include your name, your business or home address, your personal or business e mail address and/or other data necessary to provide you with an answer to initial queries, a written fee agreement, to fulfil a contract to carry out town and country planning work, or to maintain contact with you.

If instructed by you to carry out town and country planning work, personal data may form a part of an application to be made to a local planning authority, or an appeal made to the Planning Inspectorate. These bodies may make the information available to the general public in various ways, for example, via their websites.

In order to fulfil your instruction, personal data received by KSC Ltd may be shared, with your permission, with other parties instructed by you.  Personal data will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes. It will be used for making contact with you only with your express consent, or to fulfil your instruction or request.

Personal data which relates to an initial inquiry, a fee agreement or an instruction will be retained for no more than 8 years for accountancy/tax and professional indemnity purposes. On rare occasions it may be necessary to use your personal data to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim.

The legal basis for the different stages of processing the personal data is as follows:

Consent: the individual has given clear consent for KSC Ltd to process their personal data to enable contact, or to answer an initial inquiry.

Contract: the processing is necessary for a contract KSC Ltd has with the individual, or the individual has asked KSC Ltd to take specific steps before entering into a contract.

Legitimate interests: the processing is required by professional indemnity cover, accountancy or tax purposes, or because the subject of the personal data has an interest in land to which an instruction relates.

Legal obligation: on rare occasions, the processing of personal data may be required to comply with the law.  For example, this may occur if money laundering were to be suspected or if documents were to be subpoenaed.

KSC Ltd takes all reasonable steps to ensure your data is safe and protected from misuse, loss or mechanised access. From time to time third parties may be given access to KSC Ltd’s systems to enable servicing, repair and updating as required. All third parties will be vetted and will be required to agree to neither copy, share nor process any of the personal data held on KSC Ltd’s systems.

Please contact Kevin Scott, Director of KSC Ltd if you wish to have a copy of your personal data that is retained by Kevin Scott Consultancy Limited, or if KSC Ltd holds your personal data for maintaining contact alone, have it removed.

Please direct any questions relating to the privacy of personal data to Kevin Scott (Direct) of KSC Limited  E mail: 01252 419976.